The changing face and nature of the RSIPF

The changing face and nature of the RSIPF

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 04-Jul-2022
The changing face and nature of the RSIPF

In a serious of articles published today in the Solomon Islands media it is perhaps easy to note that there is a notable shift in the RSIPF, in training, in logistical support and away from previous and traditional support partners.

To put matters into perspective I will quote from just two newspaper reports.


PM wants permanent policing arrangement to deal with uprisings.

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare wants to see a permanent arrangement established with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) to response to future uprisings.

This after the China Police Liaison Team (PLT) completed five months of training the Royal Solomon Islands Police officers and Correctional Services of Solomon Islands last week.

Speaking at the demonstration of joint training between PRC and the Solomon Islands police at Rove field last Friday, Mr. Sogavare said going forward he would like to see a more permanent arrangement in place.

He said an arrangement that is not only reactionary to certain situations, but one that is forward looking in identifying gaps and addressing these gaps before these gaps are exposed by situations such as the November Riots.

“Whilst we have MOUs in place, I think it is prudent that Solomon Islands and the Peoples Republic of China start discussion on how we can elevate the current joint training arrangement to a more permanent arrangement with clearly defined expected outcomes which aim at ensuring that RSIPF and CSSI have capability in the long term.

“If we achieve such capability, we will not have to depend on other countries to assist us to deal with our internal threats,” he said.

“Let me repeat it that as a sovereign country we cannot continue to depend on other countries to look after us.

“We must have the capability to address our internal threats,” Mr.Sogavare said.

“I see this current training arrangement including other capability package by our other donor partners as a first step in addressing our capability to ensure that we are not dependent on another country when it comes to addressing our internal threat.

“We want our discipline agencies to be self-sustainable with integrity and professionalism,” he added.

“As a country we will continue to explore how we can actively promote long-term enforcement cooperation with all our bilateral partners to bring peace and security for the people of Solomon Islands,” he added.

End of quote.

Source. Island Sun newspaper.

(2nd Quote)

China to provide $22M worth of equipment to RSIPF

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force is expected to receive equipment from China to boost their capability in carrying out their operations.

 China Ambassador to Solomon Islands, Li Ming confirmed that 22 police vehicles, 30 motorcycles, 2 police water cannons, 8 police drones and advanced CPP equipment which are valued at $SBD22M that will arrive in the country soon.

Speaking at the demonstration of a joint police training between China and Solomon Islands at Rove field last Friday, Sogavare said this equipment will greatly assist the RSIPF and CSSI.

“I also look forward to the implementation of the 3 projects mentioned by the Minister of Police.

“Ambassador Li Ming, please accept my gratitude and that of the people of Solomon Islands for this equipment and the training provided by the China Police Liaison Team. Thank you,” he said.

Furthermore, Mr. Sogavare congratulated the China Police Liaison Team (PLT), police officers from the RSIPF and the CSSI for the very professional demonstration that he had just witnessed, using the equipment that have been donated by the Peoples Republic of China.

“I am very impressed and feel confident that the capability of the RSIPF and CSSI has been greatly boosted with these trainings.

“Team Leader of the China Police Liaison Team Leader, Commissioner Zhang Guangbao, I applaud your leadership and guidance over the past 5 months in training our officers. The effort that you and your team have put into this training is self-evident,” he said.

End of quote.

Source – Island Sun newspaper.

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