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First tourism degree program in 2019

Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper – 18 October 2018

“THE Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) will offer its first degree program on bachelor Hospitality business and event management next year, 2019.

“Department Director Charlie Panakera said the new program will make it to 6 qualifications in total within the tourism department.

“We have already 5 qualifications, which include Certificate in Hospitality, Certificate in Travel and Tourism, Diploma in Hospitality and Diploma in Travel Tourism and Diploma Tourism,” he said.

“Mr Panakera said the school has so far a total of 230 students with 85% of them are women.

“In hospitality, we have only about 60 whilst the rest are on tourism undergoing their certificate and diploma and now we want to have a degree to allow them to move on.

“We only have 60 in Hospitality depending on the size of the kitchen and so we have to keep the number small,” he added.

Mr Panakera said the kitchen is also different where it involves hands on, where each one with a knife and a place each at the table and hygiene are very strict.

“But in a way it’s good because it turns out with more quality graduates and that they can easily find jobs after they leave school,” he said.”

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