Township Development Project described as a historic milestone

Township Development Project described as a historic milestone

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 06-May-2021

Last Friday during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Mamara Township Development Project the Prime Minister said the project was a historic milestone to be proud of.

 The PM went on to say, quote.

This is the moment we have been looking forward to for the last 25 years. It is the culmination of a journey strategically taken in the way projects of this magnitude is nurtured through a system that is fraught with challenges ranging from land issues, to development concepts and varying interests,”

“The patience, consistency, commitment, and understanding by all stakeholders, including the government, the developers, and the original landowning group of this land to see Mamara-Tasivarongo-Mavo Development concept realized, must be acknowledged.

“We were resolute in our commitment. We arrived bruised and battered but stronger and wiser in the way we handle contentious issues in our cultural setting. The history of land alienation in this country has its advantages and disadvantages, which we must learn to live with.”

“In the true spirit of respect and with humility we also acknowledge the traditional landowners of the lands upon which the project is established. 

“We cannot be here today without the support, sacrifice and commitment of our traditional landowners. Our custom, tradition and culture must always be respected and given due consideration when we embark on such game changing development,”

“It is the individual and collective duty as national, provincial, church and tribal leaders to see that any development that occurs must not leave our people behind. 

“Citizens of this country could no longer be mere bystanders in such large projects. 

“We cannot drive this country forward if our people and resource owners are not an integral part of these developments,”

“The project shows the genuineness and commitment of the Tandai House of Chiefs and this is an achievement that they ought to be proud of.

The Government and people of this country are forever indebted to the people of Guadalcanal for hosting the capital city, Nahoniara commonly known as Honiara. 

“Today marks the launching of a township situated here in Guadalcanal which may very well turn into a second city in the future.”

“The true test of our conviction is the physical manifestation of this development rhetoric. 

“It is indeed a historic day because we can all see for ourselves that development is not just empty rhetoric, it is in fact taking shape right before us.”

 End of quote.

Source: Solomon Star News.


In a letter that I wrote to the media yesterday, I queried whether the Mamara new City project would include a health clinic given its expected residential occupancy by 2023 on the basis of there being 10,000 homes on site in two years time.

In the Solomon Star newspaper today there was some clarification of what to expect to be included in the Mamara new City, but a figure of 5,000 homes was projected by 2023 instead of 10,000 homes as earlier reported in another local newspaper a few days ago.

The Solomon Star reported the inclusion of the following facilities to be part of the major housing complex.

• Sports Centre;

• National Health Medical Centre;

• International Convention and Exhibition Centre;

• Public Servant Residential Houses;

• Other Residential Houses;

• High-End Residential housing and,

• A Duty Free/Export Processing and Industrial Zone.

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Frank Short

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