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24 November 2018

Enhancing Solomon Islands Exports and Imports with a suggested on-line Exports/Imports Portal

The Marketing and Exports Promotion Division (M&EPD) of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Immigration and Labour was established as early as 2008 and its vision is to be in a position to effectively render market information, advice, coordination and support to any firms or individuals.

Following the piece I write in the local media last week about the potential of kava as an export crop, I would hope the (M&EPD will do further market research to help expand available markets to aid farmers reap the financial benefits of their kava crops.

When I look for Solomon Islands trade statistics, as I do quite often, I generally turn to data available from the World Bank and UN Comtrade and it might prove useful if both organizations added information about local kava production and its potential for exports; if the industry progresses adequately and successfully.

I have often thought it would be desirable for those wishing to do business in the Solomon Islands to have a safe platform for selling and buying on line and I am yet to see there is one.

The Solomon Islands is still perceived by many, I suspect, as being in a remote part of the world and the creation of an Import/Export Portal mind help potential traders wanting to do online basis feel secure and protected when buying and selling goods.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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