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Top tuna meeting in Honiara

Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper – 14 February 2018

A UNIQUE South-South exchange meeting between regional, international fisheries and ocean management agencies is currently underway in Honiara at the Forum Fishery Agency (FFA) headquarters.

The meeting is to help explain how the region has been meeting its challenges of managing tuna resources over the past decades and to share knowledge on what lessons might be transferable to other developing regions and also learn from the unique experiences that others bring to the table.

Speaking during the opening of the meeting Forum Fisheries Agency Director General James Movick said, more than a third of the world’s tuna supplies come from the waters of the Pacific Islands.

He said by working together Island Countries have promoted sustainability and given themselves a much bigger bite of revenues from the global tuna sandwich.

“Now, the Pacific island countries are sharing their knowledge and skills with other developing country regions.

Fisheries revenues now account for more than 50% of all government revenues in several island countries.

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