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25 August 2019

The Dionysus Ensemble’s  planned project to aid the Piano Association Solomon Islands (PASI)

 In the latest news I have received from the talented group of musicians in the United Kingdom, the Dionysus Ensemble, the musicians are continuing with their plans to travel to Honiara, possibly as early as next January, to give a series of music lessons and training to the young, local musicians that are members of the Piano Association of the Solomon Islands (PASI) 

 The Dionysus Ensemble is closely linked with the Commonwealth Institute in London and has support for the Honiara visit to help PASI from Baroness Scotland, the Commonwealth Secretary General and also from Philip Parham, the UK Government’s Envoy to the Commonwealth.

 In fact, I can reveal that the Dionysus Ensemble has been awarded a Commonwealth at 70 stamp of approval for the PASI project, which will provide for some funding.

 As the Commonwealth Institute is fully behind the propose visit, but funding is unlikely to fully cover the cost of air travel for the members of the Ensemble, it would be appreciated if Solomon Airlines could consider helping with reduced air fares to allow the musicians to get to Honiara via Brisbane.

 I make this request personally for I really do want the project to succeed to bring the added support and encouragement to the talented young musicians that are part of PASI and, hopefully, for them when confident of their musical abilities, to go on and be part of the nucleus of a national youth orchestra that I very much want to see initiated before too long.

 In closing, I wish to thank all those that help with PASI and support its work, including Willie,  Rose and Hilda Lamani locally.  There are others too although I am not aware of their names, but thanks to all.

 Yours sincerely

 Frank Short







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