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As a long­time friend of the Solomon Islands, let me say the aim of this website is to bring you news about the Solomon Islands, promote tourism to the "Happy Isles” and generate donations for causes in the Solomons that will provide income for charitable institutions dependent on aid and help to give much needed money for local craftsmen and women.

I would encourage you to see for yourself a most unique and different part of the world and meet friendly, hospitable people while enjoying the sheer delights and beauty of a easy accessible Pacific paradise.

National unity in diversity

Frank Short, 22-Jun-2021

Last week St John Dala Catholic Secondary School hosted its annual cultural day event to promote various cultures from different parts of Malaita as well as to farewell the first semester of the 2021 school academic year.

Solomon Islands: Creating better and strong communication links.

Frank Short, 22-Jun-2021

The disruption created by the Covid pandemic brings to the fore issues that have been on the minds of researchers at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Agricultural development in 2021

Frank Short, 22-Jun-2021

I have been keen to follow the work undertaken by Mal in recent months in terms of its Sustainable Economic Growth and Export Strengthening (SEGES) Programme and with particular emphasis on cocoa crops which in 2019 faced some production challenges.

Donations of medical dressings and over the counter medications

Frank Short, 22-Jun-2021

I was once contacted and told, but not too long ago, that all cargo ships in the oil and gas industry operating in or close to Solomon Islands waters are well equipped with well stocked hospitals and regularly are obliged to discard expired dressings and over the counter medications considered expired stock items, including balms, hydration salts, antiseptics and ointments. All of which being are non-prescription and basic first aid items.

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