National security, police operations and advances in technological advances

Frank Short 01-Dec-2021

I would like today, if I may, turn to the subject of intelligence collection, collation, and sharing, matters I already touched upon earlier this week

New Zealand forces deployed to Solomon Islands

Frank Short 01-Dec-2021

The New Zealand government is deploying dozens of Defence Force and police personnel to Honiara in the coming days, "to help restore peace and st

Defiance, support and a renewed commitment to the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 30-Nov-2021

During the uprising, a total of 56 buildings, business premises, a school, a police station, and a bank were destroyed.

Political Intelligence and briefings

Frank Short 30-Nov-2021

In my service days in the country, the then RSIP had a functioning and reliable Special Branch, structured and trained on British lines.

Bird songs contributing to having a restorative effect on one’s psyche.

Frank Short 30-Nov-2021

If that should happen some income might be earned but it would certainly add to the interest and attractiveness of the Solomon Islands as an attractiv


Frank Short 29-Nov-2021

I can say, however, that it must have been very difficult for the RSIPF to have been able to deploy in sufficient numbers to maintain the peace and st

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