Tonga eruption: Aid agencies look at how best to support Tongans

Frank Short 17-Jan-2022

Satellite images indicate that the eruption has emitted a 5 km-wide plume of ash, steam and gas, rising approximately 20km above the volcano.

Tonga volcano eruption and tsunami: No power, communications still down

Frank Short 16-Jan-2022

A tsunami hit the Kingdom after the volcano erupted for eight minutes, throwing clouds of ash into the sky.

Possible COVID cases on Ontong Java after alleged illegal border crossing

Frank Short 16-Jan-2022

"If these people are confirmed to have COVID-19 infection, the risk of community transmission is extremely high.

25 years of community policing still part of police procedural practice and operations in the Solomon Islands.

Frank Short 16-Jan-2022

Mr. Kili added that the police would also be visiting, Lilisiana, Gwounaru and Kwa communities on the programme.and would go so far as Bina in west Kw

Deep personal concerns over a lack of preventative action to stop the development of rheumatic heart disease

Frank Short 16-Jan-2022

· Rheumatic heart disease is the most commonly acquired heart disease in people under age 25.

The fundamental right to health care, even to Solomon Islanders in remote regions of the country

Frank Short 15-Jan-2022

Allen Waitara first told the story about 18 months ago and his article was relayed nationally by the SIBC.

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