Marovo fishermen get 20 boats supplied through CDF

Frank Short 21-Jul-2021

Apart from recently witnessing the Seghe Hospital Electrification Project, 20 boats were supplied to local fisherman with funds acquired through the C

The Rural Development Fund (RCDF) aiding rural health requirements in practical ways

Frank Short 20-Jul-2021

A survey of the local newspapers today, Tuesday, highlighted how using Rural Constituency Development Funds (RCDF) the health services has been the be

Good news for SI seasonal workers with word from Australia

Frank Short 20-Jul-2021

Australia is committed to keeping the doors open for Pacific seasonal workers and to ensuring conditions for workers arriving from Asia on new visa sc

SI Government Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) contributes to economic self-reliance in West Guadalcanal

Frank Short 19-Jul-2021

The North West Guadalcanal Development Association (NWGD) has introduced a new initiative ‘bulk marketing’ for rural farmers to generate i

SI. Recording the primary rights of customary landholding groups and sustaining peace

Frank Short 19-Jul-2021

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Solomon Islands, in partnership with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey, has support

Equality and human rights as laid down in the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities explained to women and girls living with disability

Frank Short 19-Jul-2021

Last week, 29 women and girls living with some disability, with support from the the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) met in Honiara for

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