The UK’s colour coded air travel plans

frank short 25-Jun-2021

It is widely reported that people in Britain that have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will soon be permitted to travel by air to those countri

Fishing vessel cameras aim to curb catch dumping

frank short 24-Jun-2021

A subject that had been debated in New Zealand and somewhat controversial in the past seems to have led to a resolution about fishing boats being equi

Shortage of beds at the NRH and sick patients delayed in being admitted to medical wards.

frank short 24-Jun-2021

An article in today’s Island Sun newspaper claimed that doctors working in the Emergency Ward at the National Referral Hospital have raised conc

A concerning situation at the NRH where overcrowding is risky in the prevailing Covid-19 precautions that are deemed necessary outside the country

frank short 24-Jun-2021

In separate news today I posted on Linkedin the sad details relating to Covid-19 cases occurring in our neighbouring country, Fiji, but didn’t m

Solomon Islands young people desperately need jobs says SI Opposition Leader

frank short 24-Jun-2021

In an article published in today’s Solomon Times Online, The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale, has called on the government to take a mor

NRH’s CEO addresses current bed shortages and outlines the greater issues impacting on the hospital’s services

frank short 24-Jun-2021

 Quoting from today’s Solomon Star newspaper, Dr George Malefoasi, Chief Executive Officer has spoken for the NRH, on behalf of the Ministr

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