A glimpse at the reality of Covid in the Solomon Islands neighbourhood

Frank Short 22-Aug-2021

 Sydney, a city of more than 5 million people, has been in a strict lockdown for more than two months now, failing so far to contain an outbreak

A time for personal reflection

Quoting Radio New Zealand 22-Aug-2021

On a Sunday in Bangkok where fresh Covid cases have been averaging more than 20,000 cases a day in Thailand

Sustainable planning to rehabilitate wasted or unused land

Frank Short 22-Aug-2021

A former mine site has been turned into wellness and sustainable agricultural area in the USA.

A 36 hour lockdown is proposed in the Solomon Islands to test its Covid-19 response capabilities.

Frank Short 21-Aug-2021

The Solomon Islands government has announced a 36 hour lockdown in the capital Honiara next Sunday to test the country's Covid-19 response capabi

SIG & USA partners to advance SCALE

Frank Short 21-Aug-2021

THE National Government is working closely with the United States Government in progressing the design and programming of the SCALE Project.

Anti-lockdown protest turns violent in Melbourne as demonstrators additionally rally in Sydney and Brisbane

Frank Short 21-Aug-2021

A big and violent anti-lockdown protest has led to Melbourne, with Victoria Police reporting the arrests of 218 individuals and the hospitalisation of

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