Cocoa Might Help Lower Blood Pressure and Reduce Arterial Stiffness, New Research Suggests

Frank Short 29-Jul-2022

· Every 30 minutes for the first three hours post-capsule

Living With Breast Cancer During and After Treatment

Frank Short 29-Jul-2022

Here's what to know about living with breast cancer during treatment and in the months and years after treatment.

Guadalcanal conducts much welcome health promotion training in schools

Frank Short 28-Jul-2022

He also highlighted that the importance of the training is to improve health and wellbeing in the country.

Dentist wants action to reverse high levels of child tooth decay – sending a message to the Solomon Islands as well.

Frank Short 28-Jul-2022

Jason Nath is urging people to take better care of their teeth in order to protect children from developing health issues like diabetes.

Counterfeit banknotes in local circulation demands a full police investigation

Frank Short 28-Jul-2022

CBSI is the only authority under Solomon Islands law that is allowed to print and issue legal tender currency (banknotes).

The #1 Thing to Do to Reduce High Blood Sugar

Frank Short 27-Jul-2022

Diet is very important for keeping blood sugar levels in the safe zone.

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