PM Sogavare Raises Several Development Issues with Visiting US Deputy Secretary of State

Frank Short 08-Aug-2022

Both countries agree, negotiations on the draft Peace Corps Agreement continue and hope SI-US finalize the document for signing this year.

Ambassador Kennedy thanked Solomon Scouts who saved her father

Frank Short 08-Aug-2022

“It resolved him to seek a more peaceful and just world, and he gave his life for his country. 

US priority is solidarity with Pacific Islands

Frank Short 08-Aug-2022

Deputy Secretary Sherman is leading an interagency U.S. delegation to participate in the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Guadal

Counselling as part of general medical practice considered to be very important

Frank Short 07-Aug-2022

When it comes to the death of a child, from personal knowledge I can truly say is the most challenging experience of a lifetime.

The Battle of Guadalcanal

Frank Short 07-Aug-2022

Deputy Secretary Sherman said in so many ways, their world had already been turned upside down.

Taking a specific look at the NRH and more general health service needs in mid 2022

Frank Short 06-Aug-2022

 Due to Covid-19 it has been some time since outside medical specialist visited the NRH, once a regular practice.

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