An apology

Frank Short 28-Nov-2022

I concern myself, too, about good governance, the allegations of corruption

Risk factors from tsunami sea surges to the National Referral Hospital (NRH)

Frank Short 26-Nov-2022

There was the high possibility of a tsunami occurring after such a massive quake but very fortunately this did not happen.

Solomon Islands proposed medical centre must be truly comprehensive when completed

Frank Short 22-Nov-2022

Today. Monday. I was pleased to write and say a team of Chinese experts are in Honiara discussing with officials of the National Referral Hospital (NR

Early stage planning with Chinese experts begins in Honiara for a comprehensive medical centre at the NRH

Frank Short 21-Nov-2022

The NRH’s Comprehensive Medical Centre, being dubbed China’s Gift to the people of Solomon Islands, is being built on the hospital’s

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