H E Ambassador Caroline Kennedy Among US Delegation Set to Visit Solomon Islands

Frank Short 25-Jul-2022

Her Excellency the US Ambassador to Australia Caroline Kennedy will be among a second US delegation to visit the Solomon Islands in recent months, aft

New Leadership Code Commission Head

Frank Short 25-Jul-2022

Ms. Dcima Regatule from Kia in Isabel Province was sworn-in at the Government House today (25 July) before the Acting Governor General, His Excellency

Rethinking PACER Plus

Frank Short 25-Jul-2022

This has been readily labelled by cynics as a geostrategic political response to China’s increasing influence.

Exeptional benefits of coconut water and the utapped export potential for the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 23-Jul-2022

Coconut water can be an unbeatable addition to your diet because of its endless health benefits. Let’s dive right into them. 

Study reveals healthy living can balance high genetic risk for stroke

Frank Short 23-Jul-2022

The lifetime risk of stroke was computed according to what is called a stroke polygenic risk score, with people who had more genetic risk factors link

Health Preserved, Lives Saved, Thousands of Dollars Spared: Thanks to Doctors and Nurses in West

Frank Short 22-Jul-2022

Substantial costs also associated with referrals, both for the patient’s families and the government, accumulating hundreds of thousands every y

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