The forces making our children fat and diabetic

Frank Short 28-Jun-2022

I am sharing news published in the UK’s Daily Telegraph relating to Type 2 diabetes in children in the UK.

Technical and vocational education is important in the Solomon Islands and necessary to build up a skilled workforce, and is not secondary to academic education.

Frank Short 28-Jun-2022

Currently, there are 68 Rural Training Centres spread through the nine provinces of the Solomon Islands.

Ocean pollution like all forms of pollution must be prevented

Frank Short 27-Jun-2022

Let's take the first step together to make a difference. Let's all say no to single-use plastic.

Climate change impact particularly affecting the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 26-Jun-2022

However, the new Labour government is to adopt a policy to deal with coal and fossil fuel in Australia.

Breast cancer spreads the most at a particular time of day, scientists find

Frank Short 26-Jun-2022

They said study findings could change the way breast cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Good wishes for the re-opening of air borders and a resumption of the local tourism industry

Frank Short 25-Jun-2022

I wish success to Solomon Airlines following the opening of the air borders and a quick return to business and profitability

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