Chinese Police assist sick children of RSIPF officers

Frank Short 13-Jul-2022

They had a conversation with them and expressed sympathy for their situation.

News relating to the Pacific Forum taking place in Fiji

Frank Short 12-Jul-2022

A final decision on the next host country will be taken by the Forum leaders at the end of the week.

US scientists think they’ve discovered how to fully reverse climate change

Frank Short 11-Jul-2022

 Shielding the Earth from the Sun’s radiation would only be one part of it, though.

Breast screening in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 11-Jul-2022

Biopsies confirm a breast cancer diagnosis after an abnormal mammogram.

Australia Provides New Vehicle to Solomon Islands Association of Vocational Rural Training Centres

Frank Short 11-Jul-2022

Since its establishment in 2007, APTC has trained more than 2,100 Solomon Islanders with vocational skills and qualifications.

A personal viewpoint: Australia has supplied lethal weapons to the RSIPF.

Frank Short 10-Jul-2022

“The RSIPF officers who undertook this training have qualified to be both users of the weapons, and instructors,” said Dr. Strahan.

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