Solomon Islands and India to Enhance Bilateral Cooperation

Frank Short 30-Jun-2022

Only a few days ago on 20 June 2022, I wrote to the local media and said.


Frank Short 29-Jun-2022

“NCD now tops the list of admission. The majority of people in admission are NCD patients

Afio health centre set for handover and opening

Frank Short 29-Jun-2022

The actual date for the official handing over and opening will be announced soon.

Enabling Good Lives with disability support in New Zealand

Frank Short 29-Jun-2022

Quoting the news from Radio New Zealand today, Thursday.

Deputy RSIPF Police Commissioner Matanga speaks about upholding respect and commitment to police duties

Frank Short 28-Jun-2022

She said it is paramount the police officers must committed to the oath that they undertook when first joining the police force.

The forces making our children fat and diabetic

Frank Short 28-Jun-2022

I am sharing news published in the UK’s Daily Telegraph relating to Type 2 diabetes in children in the UK.

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