Concerns over mental health

Frank Short 03-Sep-2021

I read today, Friday, a piece in the Island Sun newspaper written by Jennifer Kusapa which dealt with the MHMS plans for dealing with persons in the c

The plight of Honiara residents during lockdown

Frank Short 03-Sep-2021

Writing in today’s Solomon Times Online, Samson Sade raises some important points about the plight of ordinary residents during periods of lock-

Growing techniques being developed in Kiribati

Frank Short 01-Sep-2021

Some months ago I wrote suggesting people living on the remote outer islands in the Solomon Islands subject to rising sea levels affecting their food

Soil mix for urban food consumption and sales

Frank Short 01-Sep-2021

Today, I wrote giving examples and illustration of how food could be grown in limited space for home consumption or for sale.

Agricultural trade in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 01-Sep-2021

Trade plays a crucial role in delivering food to consumers worldwide. It helps to provide greater choice in consumer goods, and has played a role in r

Likely increase of funds for Provinces by 2022 allowing for more projects

Frank Short 31-Aug-2021

“Since the inception of PCDF in 2008, the Malaita provincial government has so far delivered 190 projects across the province at a total cost of

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