Piano Association of Solomon Islands (PASI) – An update on the Association and achievements of the students

Frank Short 14-Sep-2021

The Piano Association of the Solomon Islands (PASI) is continuing to give music education and music training to the talented young musicians that are

International Literacy Day celebrated in Siesie Village

Frank Short 13-Sep-2021

On Wednesday, 8 September, hundreds of newly literate people gathered at Foubaba Community School in West Kwaio, to celebrate

Solomon Islands primary pupils are performing well regionally

Frank Short 13-Sep-2021

Solomon Islands primary pupils are performing well in the regional Pacific Islands and Numeracy Assessment (PILNA) compared to other Pacific Islands c

Vaccination leading to a longer term strategy for cornonavirus

Frank Short 12-Sep-2021

Reading online this weekend some interesting facts in a publication titled, ‘The Conversation,”

Hepatitis B the sixth most common cause of death at the NRH

Frank Short 11-Sep-2021

Dr. Jackson Rakei National Program Director of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services confirmed this during World Hepatitis Day today in Honiara

Re-opening of borders – some general commentary and Doherty Modelling Institute

Frank Short 11-Sep-2021

Last week in the Solomon Islands, the Hon Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said,

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