Former armed combatants come together making demands of the government.

Frank Short 16-Mar-2023

I am prepared to send a free copy of the manuscript to any local news editor wishing to publish the true story.

Forging closer ties with India, especially in regard to medical evacuations.

Frank Short 14-Mar-2023

Source. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Trainers deployed to teach sign language

Frank Short 14-Mar-2023

Meke has completed his visit to trainers at Gizo who have been facilitating workshops on sign language at Gizo and Titiana.

Limited funds to transfer sick patients offshore for medical treatment.

Frank Short 13-Mar-2023

MHMS said it acknowledges the many calls and concerns raised by the public to have these services available in the country.

India's increasing role in the Pacific should be an occasion for health sharing with the Solomon Islands.

Frank Short 13-Mar-2023

He said, their discussion focused on the upcoming big event.

The cries of the people

Frank Short 12-Mar-2023

I will outline the genuine concerns as I have received them, as both questions and demands.

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