Scammers and fraudsters are targeting Christians and those working to help good causes.

Frank Short 26-Mar-2023

Abi Thomas is an award-winning podcast and radio producer and host of ‘The Hopeful

A mammogram machine likely for the NRH's Cancer Unit.

Frank Short 19-Mar-2023

Breast screening using a mammogrram machine. Google images.

Improving SI's health services to meet the health needs of a growing population.

Frank Short 19-Mar-2023

To realize the benefits of quality health care, health services must be:

Preventing the incidences of NCDs in in the Solomon Islands must be urgently addressed

Frank Short 19-Mar-2023

Modifiable behaviours, such as tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and the harmful use of alcohol, all increase the risk of NCDs.

A levelling of health benefits and health services beneficial to all.

Frank Short 18-Mar-2023

I feel obliged to bring this information to the notice of the government as requested by those who have written to me.

Former armed combatants come together making demands of the government.

Frank Short 16-Mar-2023

I am prepared to send a free copy of the manuscript to any local news editor wishing to publish the true story.

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