Will it ultimately be possible for the Solomon Islands to follow Singapore’s example in getting people with disabilities into the work force?

Frank Short 18-Jan-2023

I pose the question as set out below to the Solomon Islands Government.

JICA and Health Minister Progress Kilu’ufi Hospital Project

Frank Short 16-Jan-2023

Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Permanent Secretary Mrs. Pauline McNeil at the signing thanked the Japanese Government through JICA for the p

A much clearer knowledge and understanding of the prevailing public health system in the Solomon Islands is necessary before the adaptation of a Chinese management system locally

Frank Short 14-Jan-2023

 There is also the outstanding issue of a much needed mammogram machine at the NRH’s Cancer Unit.

Basic but vital medical equipment needed at the Atoifi Hospital

Frank Short 11-Jan-2023

Yesterday in a letter to the local SI’s newspaper and also one posted on Linkedin, I wrote saying, quote.

Virtual training courses for people with disabilities

Frank Short 09-Jan-2023

Can it be said the same is being done in the Solomon Islands, or even being considered?

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