Genuine efforts to voluntarily help the Solomon Islands being frustrated by scammers and an abuse of a free press

Frank Short 27-Sep-2023

After more than 27 years of trying to remain a good friend of the Solomon Islands by providing substantial medical equipment and supplies in previous

Solomon Islands Constitution provides for a free press

Frank Short 21-Sep-2023

My rights to post my articles on the Solomon Islands Facebook page which I have done for many, many years have been blocked and all my posts have been

Is the erosion. of a free press becoming the reality in the SI predicted more than a year ago?

Frank Short 18-Sep-2023

At the end of April, a reporter and a cameraman stood outside the national parliament in Honiara. They were trying to film the Solomon Islands prime m

A free press in the Solomon Islands today

Frank Short 17-Sep-2023

After many, many years of having my own letters, and posts that I referred from reputable publications world-wide mainly dealing with health issues an

Transforming health services should have been a national priority in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 05-Sep-2023

The Solomon Islands will soon be hosting the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara which, although a relatively short-term event, I hope it will have lasting

An assessed need for mercy medical ships to service the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 23-Aug-2023

I have frequently posted on Linkedin stories of the voyages to Fiji and its remote outer islands and waters of New Zealand's medical mercy ship t

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