The reported discontinuation of the Hearts of Hope Charity in Malaita Province

Frank Short 04-Dec-2022

So, Ms Mjanet do consider writing to me if you believe, together, we can see the return of the much needed welfare charity.

ACCESSIBLE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR ALL, including people with disabilities

Frank Short 03-Dec-2022

“We ask the simple questions: can everyone access the building, or use the bathroom and toilet?”

Political stability in the Solomon Islands – A must New Year resolution.

Frank Short 03-Dec-2022

“Political stability is the key to giving investment confidence to investors and also timely delivery of projects in the country.”

BINA Habour Project to Set Up Office

Frank Short 29-Nov-2022

JID has a long history of delivering projects in Solomon Islands and across the region.

An apology

Frank Short 28-Nov-2022

I concern myself, too, about good governance, the allegations of corruption

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