New Zealand committed to reprioritising $120m to support Pacific economies devastated by the Covid impact of the pandemic on trade and tourism.

frank short 03-Jul-2021

New Zealand is not only a long-time diplomatic partner of the Solomon Islands but a close Pacific friend and for those reasons alone a good time to ha

The SI’s National Flag and National Anthem are embodiments of national unity

frank short 03-Jul-2021

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Ministry of Commerce, Labour and Immigration welcomed the month

The Development of Relocation Guidelines is a Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) policy priority

frank short 03-Jul-2021

According to today’s Island Sun newspaper technical studies and community consultation for the development of relocation guidelines for low

Fiji hospital staff and patients temporarily without food

frank short 03-Jul-2021

Last week we read much about the NRH and some of the problems the hospital faced and steps being taken to help mitigate and try to resolve some of the

A tribute to SI women valued and respected for their community contributions

frank short 02-Jul-2021

The Island Sun newspaper has reported that a booklet naming outstanding women of Solomon Islands was launched recently with the aim of paying tribute

Prospects for an international airport on 600 hectares of land in East Fataleka, Malaita Province.

frank short 01-Jul-2021

The Fotana tribe from Ward 14 on East Fataleka, Malaita province has praised the government for acquiring 600 hectares of their customary land in past

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