Promising cancer drug trial marks a major first for Oklahoma. Here's what you need to know

Frank Short 16-Jun-2022

Preclinical research has shown OK-1 can do that, and it may even be able to prevent cancer, Benbrook said.

Drug Being Tested Vanishes Cancer for All Patients in Clinical Trials, Resulting in Massive Breakthrough

Frank Short 15-Jun-2022

There's been a massive breakthrough after 18 patients took a drug called Dostarlimab, which vanished their cancer completely.

How to lower your blood pressure: Tips include limiting alcohol and table salt

Frank Short 15-Jun-2022

While these tips can aid in lowering blood pressure, the AHA advises you to check with your doctor for the best solution.

World Bank approves third new project for Solomon Islands

Frank Short 15-Jun-2022

Mr. Ndegwa said the World Bank expected to announce 40 new projects in the Pacific this financial year worth more than $1 billion.

Australia Speaks to Media on SBD$1.5 Billion Infrastructure Partnership with Solomon Islands

Frank Short 15-Jun-2022

The Steering Committee reviews program progress and performance, and ensures program funding is committed and spent in effective and efficient ways.

Man blong Santo goes home

Frank Short 15-Jun-2022

It was 1972 when he was delivered by one of the French doctors on 12 July.

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