Study reveals healthy living can balance high genetic risk for stroke

Frank Short 23-Jul-2022

The lifetime risk of stroke was computed according to what is called a stroke polygenic risk score, with people who had more genetic risk factors link

Health Preserved, Lives Saved, Thousands of Dollars Spared: Thanks to Doctors and Nurses in West

Frank Short 22-Jul-2022

Substantial costs also associated with referrals, both for the patient’s families and the government, accumulating hundreds of thousands every y

Solomon Islands at High Risk of Importing Omicron Sub-Variants

Frank Short 22-Jul-2022

Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong, says that the positivity rate is an indication of widespread community transmission.

People With Diabetes Are More Vulnerable to Heart Disease. How to Reduce the Risk. Cautionary notes for the SI.

Frank Short 22-Jul-2022

Eating right is also important, a fact that was first emphasized in the 1940s. “Back then, there weren’t a lot of treatments for diabetes

5 Tests for Diabetes to Consider If You’re Concerned About Blood Sugars. Useful Advice for the SI

Frank Short 22-Jul-2022

Here, experts break down what a diabetes test is, the different types of tests that are available, and what each test’s results signify.

New Zealand COVID-19 death rate reportedly at record levels

Frank Short 22-Jul-2022

The government dropped its zero-COVID policy this year once the population was largely vaccinated. Since then the virus has been allowed to spread.

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