Outreach Has Begun in Fiji with the NZ ship YWAM KHOA

Frank Short 25-Aug-2022

Today, even before the real outreach mission has really begun, I can report that so far –

The impact Covid had in the USA on people skipping screening for lung, colon and breast cancer screening

Frank Short 25-Aug-2022

Recommendations on breast cancer screening for women of average risk are unfortunately not consistent and may be a source of confusion for patients.

The Future is looking green for the Foirobo Biodiversity Conservation Association (FTBCA)

Frank Short 24-Aug-2022

My congratulations to the FTBCA on your efforts to conserve the environment in conjunction with the UNDP. Well done!

Solomons' government denounces claims over China programme aired by ABC

Frank Short 24-Aug-2022

"At no time have the shareholders made a decision to sell off the company to a Chinese firm."

US Senator Blackburn Pays Courtesy Visit to PM Sogavare

Frank Short 24-Aug-2022

A delegation from the United States Government led by Senator Marsha Blackburn made a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in

Health Stocking up on Medical Supplies

Frank Short 23-Aug-2022

Meanwhile, it has been reported by the MHMS that critical drug supplies for chronic illnesses such as asthma have arrived.

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