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Frank Short 21-May-2022

The main stroke symptoms can be remembered with the word FAST:

Are you at risk for bladder cancer? Another reason for cancer screening in the Solomon Islands.

Frank Short 21-May-2022

Dr. Kulkarni says that in addition to blood, pain should never be ignored, as it may indicate a more advanced stage of bladder cancer.

NZ govt commits to Pacific Broadcasting

Frank Short 21-May-2022

Its current primary transmitter is nearing end of life, and its other transmitter has in effect already been retired.

Solomon Ports Wins Historic Top International Award

Frank Short 20-May-2022

A total of 53 ports and collaborative projects entered the IAPH Awards this year, raising the total port projects in the IAPH database to 237.

Solomon islands: The vital importance of screening for cancer and lifestyle and dietary changes to prevent getting diabetes.

Frank Short 19-May-2022

I will quote some latest advice on this from the UKs Independent news.


Frank Short 19-May-2022

We are a Biotech company based out of India. 

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