Men, don't put it off. Get regular screenings and checkups

Frank Short 22-Jun-2022

To reduce your chances of getting heart disease, it’s important to do the following:

OneMoreShot photography campaign for Ephraim continues

Frank Short 22-Jun-2022

 Hosted by the OMS foundation it will help young Ephraim to receive medical treatment for his eyes.

Japan commits to remove old bombs

Frank Short 21-Jun-2022

“As you all may know, this support package will boost the capability of the EOD Teams and help them to keep our citizens safe.

A plea for a return of Australian volunteer medical doctors and surgeons to resume their much needed work at the SI National Referral Hospital (NRH)

Frank Short 20-Jun-2022

Prime Minister Sogavare recently announced the full reopening of Solomon Islands international borders, commencing on 1 July 2022.

Seek Indian Government aid assistance to promote equitable economic growth and especially job skills training for unemployed local youths leading to decent, paid work for all.

Frank Short 20-Jun-2022

In 2014, India announced that it would provide a grant-in-aid of US$100,000 annually to each of the 14 Pacific Island countries, including Solomo

A new Pacific reset? Why NZ must prioritise climate change and labour mobility

Frank Short 20-Jun-2022

In recent years, relations between New Zealand and Fiji have been progressive.

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