Mammogram out of service at the NRH Cancer Unit

Frank Short 29-Apr-2022

Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr. Culwick Togamana early this week confirmed that the machine is not working.

New SBD$16 million dollar health facility at Avuavu will benefit up to 7000 people with expanded health services

Frank Short 29-Apr-2022

He added other Ministries like lands need to work with them to deal with the situation.

Welcome and encouraging words from Premier Daniel Sudani

Frank Short 29-Apr-2022

MALAITA Provincial Premier, Daniel Suidani has encouraged people to work together with governments to trigger and achieve development. 

SIG concludes talks with WB on infrastructure projects,including aviation, road and bridge investments

Frank Short 28-Apr-2022

Mr Dentana thanked the World Bank Group SIRAP 2 Project team that finalized project documents regardless of the limited timeframe.

Promises made by the US delegation to the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 28-Apr-2022

I’m sure I saw such a promise having been made, but the assurance I would like to see confirmed.

Diabetes in the Solomon reportedly increasing everyday.

Frank Short 27-Apr-2022

Many other patients are admitted with leg infections which generally result in a leg amputation, and some say as many as six amputations every week.

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