Assessing the use and impact of fuel based lighting in the Solomon Islands in 2022

Frank Short 01-May-2022

It is some years now since I read that a rural health clinic was using kerosene lamps for lighting when delivering babies and in one village a corresp

Water and sanitation in the Pacific continue to be dire

Frank Short 30-Apr-2022

Writing on this matter, Tony Ho Tran in the publication, ‘Daily Beast’ said today, and I quote.

Servicing and regular maintenance of essential hospital equipment

Frank Short 30-Apr-2022

 My appeals for help with providing a mammogram machine to Japan and New Zealand have, so far, gone unanswered.

Air Canada and Solomon Airlines joined forces to airlift medical aids to Solomon Islands

Frank Short 30-Apr-2022

In a statement both Air Canada and Solomon Airlines have shown their support to this humanitarian response.

Mammogram out of service at the NRH Cancer Unit

Frank Short 29-Apr-2022

Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr. Culwick Togamana early this week confirmed that the machine is not working.

New SBD$16 million dollar health facility at Avuavu will benefit up to 7000 people with expanded health services

Frank Short 29-Apr-2022

He added other Ministries like lands need to work with them to deal with the situation.

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