Balancing the “hard stuff” in our daily news

Frank Short 14-May-2022

Chinese brothers use hand cart to pull their sick mother from the hospital 22 miles to their home

Attention and creativity in solving developmental needs of constituents

Frank Short 14-May-2022

I hope I haven’t offended anyone in contributing this piece, but my only desire is to see the kind of development and welfare assistance to the

Scientists bring dead eyes back to life

Frank Short 13-May-2022

But experts said the new research had gone one step further, restoring b-waves - the slow, rhythmic oscillations recorded in living brains.

"People in Their 30s and 40s Dying:” A lesson for the SI from Fiji

Frank Short 13-May-2022

So just how significant is this innovation, which sits on thousands of Fijians’ smartphones?

Worries about the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 13-May-2022

I came across the following piece online, and I couldn’t actually find a source, but reproduce it below as a direct quote. 

How to tackle the Long Covid threat, and how not to

Frank Short 12-May-2022

Long Covid poses a threat to New Zealand that we must address.

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