Funding arrangements and procedures for offshore medical treatment must get priority attention

Frank Short 11-Dec-2021

I wrote requesting details of the SIF’s bank account to advise the SFA but got no reply.

Black Friday” news stories

Frank Short 10-Dec-2021

Here are concerning matters that have been featured locally, and I will give the details.

The other side to the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 10-Dec-2021

The rioting was confined to Honiara, albeit political differences linger across in Malaita and between the central government.

Honouring a pledge.

Frank Short 10-Dec-2021

The Facebook article with photographs quickly disappeared for some unknown reason but not before I read a message saying the police was there to help

SI’s Women officially recognised amongst recipients of the UNEP 2021 Champions of the Earth Environmental Honours

Frank Short 09-Dec-2021

Since 2005, the UN’s highest environmental honour has been awarded to the world’s most dynamic environmental leaders.

Refuting claims against the NRH and highlighting matters needing attention

Frank Short 09-Dec-2021

The CT scan building at the NRH has been completed with an investment and is government owned, worth $17m.

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