Solomon islands: The vital importance of screening for cancer and lifestyle and dietary changes to prevent getting diabetes.

Frank Short 19-May-2022

I will quote some latest advice on this from the UKs Independent news.


Frank Short 19-May-2022

We are a Biotech company based out of India. 

Naha Police Station Refurbished and Reopened with a reminder of a dedicated police officer the first commander there

Frank Short 18-May-2022

The same police station had been built during the time RAMSI was deployed to the Solomon Islands

RELEASE: Shark finning reports ( allegedly) ignored on MSC-certified vessels in the Western Central Pacific Ocean

Frank Short 18-May-2022

This last point alone, should make sets ineligible for certification to the MSC standard for sustainable fisheries.

CT scan machine brought into use at the National Referral Hospital (NRH)

Frank Short 18-May-2022

The CT scan and the building that houses the machine is wholly funded by the national government at a value of SBD $21 million.

School matters making the local news

Frank Short 17-May-2022

The Government should consider providing school fee subsidy for rural-based schools in light of the financial struggle and economic situation facing t

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