Diabetes and me: Wrestling with the causes of diabetes

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

In Diabetes and Me, RNZ's Megan Whelan shares her journey of learning to live with type 2 diabetes.

UK medics provide training for Atoifi and Kilu’ufi frontline workers in Malaita

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

Team Leader and Public Health Specialist, Ms Eunice Chege says:

How Vanuatu’s COVID-19 Policies Can Catapult Economic Recovery Through the Private Sector in 2022

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

We propose four areas to enhance a value chain policy approach for the productive sector to catapult economic recovery in 2022:

Tensions are high between China and Australia over Solomon Islands, but it’s in everyone’s interests to simmer down

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

 In part of their joint article, I noted the following comments, which I quote.

Water reservoirs project awarded

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

Pacific Engineering is a New Zealand-based engineering and construction company.

Plans in hand to rethink Solomon Islands security

Frank Short 05-Apr-2022

More of that miscalculation and failure, however, to follow from my personal account of what happened.

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