Breakthrough to help spot ovarian cancer in the UK, but is essential screening undertaken in the Solomon Islands?

Frank Short 10-Apr-2022

Researchers have discovered that women at risk of developing the deadly disease have high levels of a specific protein in their bodies.

Cancer therapy using body's natural 'killer' immune cells gives hope

Frank Short 10-Apr-2022

Professor Kristian Helin, chief executive of the Institute of Cancer Research said: "So far, we've only seen initial findings in a small gro

A lack of national unity, political differences, and lack of work, jobs and infrastructure development believed causes of claimed security threats

Frank Short 09-Apr-2022

The security threats as claimed by the government were not actually identified and one was left guessing as to the true nature.

Positive news stories from home and regionally

Frank Short 09-Apr-2022

New 110 positions for nurses with the Ministry of Health

New ‘killer’ cancer treatment stops one in three tumours from growing

Frank Short 09-Apr-2022

A “killer” cancer treatment could stop one in three tumours growing, according to trials in those with some of the deadliest conditions.

NZ High Court rules vaccine mandates justified for doctors, teachers

Frank Short 08-Apr-2022

The group claimed the vaccination mandate is not a "demonstrably justified" breach of the Bill of Rights, namely the right to decline medica

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