The “independence” of the RSIPF.

Frank Short 21-Mar-2022

The police service and the police commissioner are subject to proper direction from the government but not in purely operational matters.

Heart failure patients being offered a new wonder pill in the UK.

Frank Short 20-Mar-2022

 I will quote the news of the heart pill which was published today, Sunday, in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Statements keep emerging leading to the proposed call for a Commission of Inquiry into last November’s riots and how and why the rioting occurred

Frank Short 20-Mar-2022

Mr. Alu in part of the article alluded to his involvement in a “peaceful protest” in Honiara last November. I quote what he had to say.

Good news

Frank Short 19-Mar-2022

The first of the two stories is this one, and I am really pleased to quote the details

Criticism levelled at the RSIPF after the failed operation at Bethany Village needing review

Frank Short 19-Mar-2022

The allegations of the botched police operation first came to notice yesterday, Friday, when MP Peter Kenikorea and local rights activist Ms. K Ride r

Diabetes New Zealand urges funding for glucose monitors

Frank Short 19-Mar-2022

According to the ministry of health Prevalence of diabetes in M?ori and Pacific populations is around three times higher than among other New Zealande

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