Without an immediate and significant reduction in emissions across all sectors and regions, that 1.5°C goal is out of reach.

Frank Short 08-Apr-2022

As we have always said in the Pacific, one point five to stay alive!

A CT scan machine at the NRH is likely to be operational and in use at the hospital in May

Frank Short 07-Apr-2022

I hope once operational the CT scan will be covered by an operational warranty to ensure proper maintenance and operational use for any years to come.

Solomon Islands PM: Country will never host any military base

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

“As a country, we can never repay the costs and sacrifices made by these countries to support us,” PM Sogavare stated.

Total Covid-19 case count 11,856 and 236 additional cases in past 72 hours

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

‘One more COVID-19 related death recorded in the past 48 hours bringing the total COVID-19 related deaths to 134’, stated Dr. Togamana.

Diabetes and me: Wrestling with the causes of diabetes

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

In Diabetes and Me, RNZ's Megan Whelan shares her journey of learning to live with type 2 diabetes.

UK medics provide training for Atoifi and Kilu’ufi frontline workers in Malaita

Frank Short 06-Apr-2022

Team Leader and Public Health Specialist, Ms Eunice Chege says:

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