Cyberbullying and an alleged tragic death in the SI

Frank Short 25-Oct-2021

“In the Western Pacific region hepatitis B is estimated to stand at 20 percent and hepatitis C at 1 percent, approximately one out of every five

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency 25-Oct-2021

I have often written about NCDs in the Solomon Islands and the way an inappropriate diet containing too much fat and sugar continues to hasten the ons

In yet another WWII bomb blast in nearly a year a father and son are killed and two others critically injured

Frank Short 25-Oct-2021

A father and his son have died after a bomb blast late yesterday around 7 pm. The father died shortly after the blast, his son reportedly died in hosp

Attitudes hardening to non-vaxxers in the United Kingdom

Frank Short 24-Oct-2021

An article by David Mellor in today’s edition of the Daily Mail Online is titled – “How much longer can we tolerate anti-vaxxers?&rd

Prime Minister gives his views on the importance of economic development in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 24-Oct-2021

Speaking in Honiara last week, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare talked of the necessity of aggressively addressing the existing infrastructure through

Disability will become more a part of the human condition requiring a form of social security support system

Frank Short 24-Oct-2021

Today, Sunday, I have been reflecting on the overall situation regarding people suffering some degree of disability in the Solomon Islands, on their n

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