Covid-19 cases reportedly still continue to climb in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 16-Feb-2022

Dr Frances Vulivuli said testing kits including rapid antigen tests have been sent to all provinces.

AUSMAT Team Conducts Rapid Assessment of Provincial Health Systems

Frank Short 15-Feb-2022

Of the 4,827 cases, 3,810 cases are recorded in Honiara, while 1,017 are recorded in the provinces.

The US planning to reopen Solomon Islands Embassy

Frank Short 14-Feb-2022

“The Department needs to be part of this increased US presence, rather than remaining a remote player,” it wrote.

TINA keeps moving with the implementation of its Covid safe plan

Frank Short 14-Feb-2022

 We have planned for this day eventuating and thankfully, we are prepared.”

The latest Covid-19 stories in the Pacific

Frank Short 13-Feb-2022

Prime Minister Hu'akavameiliku this afternoon announced 44 new infections today.

SI working hard to combat the unwanted transmission of Covid but a much greater health concern and involving mortality involves NCDs in the country

Frank Short 13-Feb-2022

· Regular physical activity: Exercise can lower blood glucose levels and boost insulin sensitivity.

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