Disability will become more a part of the human condition requiring a form of social security support system

Frank Short 24-Oct-2021

Today, Sunday, I have been reflecting on the overall situation regarding people suffering some degree of disability in the Solomon Islands, on their n

Hepatitis B is ranked as the sixth most common cause of death at the National Referral Hospital (NRH)

Frank Short 24-Oct-2021

“In the Western Pacific region hepatitis B is estimated to stand at 20 percent and hepatitis C at 1 percent, approximately one out of every five

A plan to grow subsistence small holder farmers into commercial farmers

Frank Short 23-Oct-2021

The Government has promised to commit to increasing its investment in the Agriculture sector. This was revealed by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare du

Artificial (prosthetic) legs for the hundreds of former NRH patients now disabled, disadvantaged without full mobility and waiting years for help

Frank Short 23-Oct-2021

The gifted modular building to the NRH delivered to the hospital last September has now been assembled and an extension added to become the replacemen

Diabetes: The warning sign of high blood sugar in your legs that is ‘worse at night time'

Frank Short 23-Oct-2021

I am most often preoccupied with trying to find information on diabetes and how it might be detected and, more importantly, be prevented in the Solomo

Experts believe one part of fighting the pandemics like Covid is to promote the general health and well-being of citizens

Frank Short 22-Oct-2021

The Solomon Islands remains one of very few countries to be Covid-19 free but the pandemic has not gone away offshore and the continued splendid effor

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