Nurses stranded and allegedly living poor in Vanuatu

Frank Short 06-Oct-2021

New Zealand today reported that twenty Solomon Islands nationals are stranded in Port Vila in Vanuatu, due to Covid-19.

International air travel with proof of vaccinations

Frank Short 05-Oct-2021

The Solomon Islands realizes that it must at some point open up its international borders or suffer the continuing decline in its national economy.

Vaccination passport inequities highlighted

Frank Short 05-Oct-2021

I wrote a letter today in wich I mentioned the likely introduction of vaccination passports being used for international travel once borders re-open.

SOSA gives back $645,000 to Selwyn College

Frank Short 05-Oct-2021

Selwyn Old Scholars Association (SOSA) and students have raised $645,000 through its fundraising activities coincide with the 50th Golden Jubilee cele

Australia won't welcome international tourists until 2022

Frank Short 05-Oct-2021

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia was expected to reach the vaccination benchmark on Tuesday at which the country could begin to open up: 8

$124,726 raised in effort to rebuild classrooms at the Tenakoga Adventist College following a recent fire

Frank Short 05-Oct-2021

Tenakoga Adventist College (TAC) raised $124, 726.80 during its gospel concert which was staged at the Maranatha Hall in Lunga, east Honiara, on Sunda

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