Call for the re-establishment of the ROMAC programmme at the NRH.

Frank Short 27-Mar-2022

I must confess it has been easy to have been side tracked today, Sunday, by seeing on my TV the terrible scene witnessed taking place in Ukraine and r

PM encouraging GPPOL to expand its operations

Frank Short 26-Mar-2022

The GPPOL executive was led by General Manager Noor Azam Mohd Nasir, accompanied by two senior officials. 

Australia and Solomon Islands working together as a Pacific family

Frank Short 26-Mar-2022

Dr Strahan said, ‘Work will be prioritised to support communications in Honiara in advance of the 2023 Pacific Games.

SI Covid-19 Update:

Frank Short 26-Mar-2022

 The cumulative total for the country, yesterday, stood at 10,426.

China-Solomon Islands alleged security agreement leaked on social media and already ringing alarm bells in the region

Frank Short 25-Mar-2022

The Australian government is expressing anxiety about the leaked (alleged) security agreement.

Trees part of an environmental and economic transformation in the Aruligo part of Guadalcanal

Frank Short 25-Mar-2022

The long-term benefits of the Isi Akson project are easy to see.

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