There are better ways to win hearts and minds

Frank Short 02-Aug-2023

It is claimed that a July 2022 draft funding proposal from the Solomon Star to China's embassy in Honiara in which the paper requested

Visit to Honiara by Lydia Cook, from the Diocese of Exeter, UK

Frank Short 19-Jul-2023

Lydia Cook, from the Diocese of Exeter, made her first visit to Solomon in May, as part of MMUK’s Placement Programme. Here Lydia reflects

Bank account opened in Honiara for the safe deposit of funds to help sick children get help with medical treatment and possibly surgery

Frank Short 14-Jul-2023

In the past few days, I wrote saying how Dr Ludawane of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) had appealed for funds to transfer 6 children from the NR

Suffer The Little Children

Frank Short 12-Jul-2023

I pen this brief letter today on what would have been my only son's 51st birthday had he not succumbed to the strain and pressure of his work in

An appeal to help Si children to undergo life saving surgery in FIJI

Frank Short 10-Jul-2023

I share the following story from the Solomon Star News in the hope it will touch the hearts of many local people and those overseas who read my posts

Solomon Islands Celebrates 45 years of Independence

Frank Short 07-Jul-2023

I extend my congratulations and good wishes to all in the Solomon Islands as the country celebrates 45years of independence

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