Free dental treatment given by volunteer dentist’s in remote Fijian communities

Frank Short 17-Nov-2022

t;strong>I recently wrote and posted a story about the successful deployment of the medical mission to FIJI by the New Zealand based ship

SI's Health challenges reported, making for some disturbing reading, with stark reforms and improvements urgently needed, including health screening

Frank Short 15-Nov-2022

“It will require all parts of the health sector to work together to address this health crisis.

Lest not forget our patriotism to our country and our core moral values

Frank Short 14-Nov-2022

Yesterday was a poignant day of remembrance for me as I attended the Remembrance Day Service held in Bangkok.

A comprehensive and graphically illustrated account of the Solomon Islands plight and needs for combatting climate changed impacts is urgently desired

Frank Short 14-Nov-2022

Some estimates put the figures at half a trillion US dollars' worth of damage in just the past decade alone.

Mitigation, adaptation, evacuation and loss for climate change damage in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 12-Nov-2022

Jo Spratt of Oxfam Aotearoa said New Zealand should pledge the money to this proposed funding facility.

Managing any future conflict in the Solomon Islands with the local police now armed with MK 18 semi-automatic rifles supplied by Australia.

Frank Short 07-Nov-2022

Australia spent close to a billion dollars over a 15-year period to restore the normalcy we are all now enjoying.”