Solomon Islands proposed medical centre must be truly comprehensive when completed

Frank Short 22-Nov-2022

Today. Monday. I was pleased to write and say a team of Chinese experts are in Honiara discussing with officials of the National Referral Hospital (NR

Early stage planning with Chinese experts begins in Honiara for a comprehensive medical centre at the NRH

Frank Short 21-Nov-2022

The NRH’s Comprehensive Medical Centre, being dubbed China’s Gift to the people of Solomon Islands, is being built on the hospital’s

Look for signs of myopia in Solomon Islands children

Frank Short 21-Nov-2022

 It is possible to prevent long-term eye damage in children due to myopia with early diagnosis.

Historic deal on climate costs reached at COP27 summit which is likely to benefit the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 20-Nov-2022

There was applause as Shoukry brought down the gavel to confirm the deal.

Solomon Islands health sector’s problems are exacerbated by a lack of skilled staff and an inequitable distribution of its workforce.

Frank Short 19-Nov-2022

 The article in the same newspaper added more information, and I quote the details.

Solomon Islands: A country in which its citizens are claimed to be unhealthy and a National Referral Hospital (NRH) barely unable to cope with NCD cases and a hospital facility needing replacement

Frank Short 18-Nov-2022

;The Opposition Leader in the Solomon Islands, Hon Matthew Wale, has an important constitutional role to play in his position as a “watchdog

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