At least seven dead as PNG rural areas suffer most from earthquake

Frank Short 13-Sep-2022

Medical evacuations have taken place from Kabwum, and landslides were identified in Bulolo, Wau and Boana.

At least four killed in PNG quake

Frank Short 12-Sep-2022

The full extent of the damage was not immediately clear as the location of the earthquake was remote.

Cut out drinking alcohol to lower the risk of getting cancer

Frank Short 12-Sep-2022

A new report on alcohol consumption as just been release, and I quote the details.

Prostate cancer deaths surge in the UK because of the Covid-induced backlog of lifesaving treatments

Frank Short 12-Sep-2022

His determination to raise awareness saw record numbers of men diagnosed in 2018.

20 OBM’s for the MHMS

Frank Short 12-Sep-2022

The OBMs were procured from the locally owned company Ysato Marine and delivered in a timely manner.

Air pollution cancer leading to cancer

Frank Short 11-Sep-2022

The findings could explain how hundreds of cancer-causing substances act on the body.

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