Fauala celebrates a new water supply and the story illustrates the need for wider community infrastructure developments.

Frank Short 20-Oct-2022

The original story, as it was featured in the Solomon Star newspaper, I share with readers.

WHO Warns of Surge in Chronic Disease by 2030 If People Don't Start Exercising

Frank Short 19-Oct-2022

“This study calls for urgent actions by countries to prioritize investments in interventions that reduce this modifiable risk factor,” the

An American couple who have lived and had paid work in the Solomon Islands over the last 29 years are heading back soon to their country.

Frank Short 19-Oct-2022

“We are leaving because of the pull of family and the desire to know our grandchildren,” Joyce added.

Top 8 New Medical Breakthroughs of 2022

Frank Short 19-Oct-2022

‍Intravenous injections are an effective way for your body to take in medication

20,000 unemployed Solomon Islands youths seek employment every year. Will the unemployment gap ever be successfully filled?

Frank Short 18-Oct-2022

Mr. Beck, however said Solomon Islands is not putting any limit to its workers travelling abroad.

Solomon islander working overseas easing the local unemployment situation and assisting their families at home

Frank Short 17-Oct-2022

“So basically, a fertile ground to harvest opportunities that are out there, wherever there is employment we will try to take advantage of it.

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