UK girl who was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia last year is now cancer-free after revolutionary new gene therapy

Frank Short 12-Dec-2022

Alyssa, 13, had undergone chemotherapy and a failed bone marrow transplant

Information is power! Solomon Islands needs a freedom of information ASAP

Frank Short 09-Dec-2022

The right to information is globally recognized as an integral part of the fundamental right to freedom of expression

Charity causes subjected to alleged donor aid support and alleged monetary scams claiming to from respected banking institutions in the Republic of Turkey

Frank Short 09-Dec-2022

The documents have included what appeared to be real passport image of a senior official of the Ziraat Bank group.

Government Launches National Disability Development Policy 2022 -2031

Frank Short 05-Dec-2022

I thank the SIG/MHMS for this initiative.

The reported discontinuation of the Hearts of Hope Charity in Malaita Province

Frank Short 04-Dec-2022

So, Ms Mjanet do consider writing to me if you believe, together, we can see the return of the much needed welfare charity.

ACCESSIBLE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR ALL, including people with disabilities

Frank Short 03-Dec-2022

“We ask the simple questions: can everyone access the building, or use the bathroom and toilet?”

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