Regional news events that might be considered by the Solomon Islands Government

Frank Short 31-Oct-2022

Regional leaders will be gathering next week in the Cook Islands for a sustainable tourism summit

Solar farms 'vital' part of renewable energy mix

Frank Short 31-Oct-2022

"We should think outside the box a bit more and not use our prime land."

Solomon Islands: NRH Cancer Trust Fund

Frank Short 30-Oct-2022

Ms Habu is congratulated for her work in starting the NRH Cancer Trust Fund, as is the Bank of the South Pacfic and all those who supported the worthy

Heart Disease, a leading cause of death in SI : Headlines causing lasting personal grief and pain to surviving relatives

Frank Short 30-Oct-2022

Dr Nasi said both conditions can be prevented if people come to the clinic early to be screened. 

An article that really underscores the necessity of regular mammograms for women and should be part of preventative medical health screening

Frank Short 30-Oct-2022

Askew's 3D mammogram was performed at the Imaging Center in Braselton.

Reconciliation and its importance in nation building in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 29-Oct-2022

The new funding will also cover support for the 2023 Pacific Games.

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