High cholesterol: Dry skin in this area could be a sign of high levels

Frank Short 01-Sep-2022

It states: "Plaque is a waxy material made up of cholesterol and other things.

How far has Solar Power Development progressed to-date in Solomon Islands?

Frank Short 01-Sep-2022

The Solar Power Development Project was intended to construct grid-connected solar plants in five provinces: Kirakira, Lata, Malu’u, Munda, and

Scientists pinpoint common vegetable that can lower high blood sugar levels by 50 per cent

Frank Short 01-Sep-2022

The study also found that the onion extract led to weight gain among the nondiabetic rats, but not the diabetic rats.

Grim warning of the degree of sea level rise now inevitable, paper shows

Frank Short 01-Sep-2022

It further showed that if emissions continued, sea level rise of more than a metre was likely.

10 years in the pipepline but still no master plan for a new NRH in Honiara and a population now exceeding 600,000

Frank Short 01-Sep-2022

This is because the area was subjected to heavy engagement during the second World War.

SI Government Suspends Entry For All Foreign Navy Ships

Frank Short 31-Aug-2022

"These will universally apply to all visiting naval vessels," he said in a statement emailed to Reuters.

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