Doctors Say This is the Fastest Way to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Frank Short 22-Aug-2022

With the overall health needs of Solomon Islanders in mind, I share this latest published health advice.

Climate change and the impact on key objectives of the Solomon Islands Government relating to overall development and health concerns and services

Frank Short 21-Aug-2022

“The results were truly sobering,” said Erik Franklin, assistant professor at the university's Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biolo

Putting the pieces together to make a composite and complete picture of the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 21-Aug-2022

One player holding the key pieces of the desired jig saw picture is the government and the other player (the joint citizens) of the country.

The importance of stamping out corruption and investigating all allegations of corruption

Frank Short 20-Aug-2022

Mr. WOO Ying ming on assuming his office made a statement in which he said, and I quote

Study shows almost half of fatal cancer cases linked to avoidable risk factors

Frank Short 20-Aug-2022

On a global scale, the leading risk factors were smoking, alcohol, and high BMI in descending order. These risk factors were the same for both male an

Initiating preventive medicine and screening programmes as part of a wider health service in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 19-Aug-2022

A percentage of people will benefit from the early detection of a disease or condition they were completely unaware of, potentially sav

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