School Fee Options

Frank Short 06-Jun-2022

Even now, some parents are unlikely to send their children to school until next year due to financial constraints.

Researchers: Breast cancer drug could help more patients

Frank Short 06-Jun-2022

Patients take the drug until they can no longer tolerate it.

Diabetes drug helps patients lose never-before-seen amounts of weight, new study shows

Frank Short 06-Jun-2022

A drug recently approved to treat type 2 diabetes is also extremely effective at reducing obesity, according to a new study.

China in the Pacific: NZ needs to put its money where its mouth is

Frank Short 05-Jun-2022

Tucked within the statement, with all its promises of increased co-operation and partnership, was this not-so-subtle declaration:

Second Aviation and Roads Project to Boost Economic Development in Solomon Islands

Frank Short 05-Jun-2022

 -World Bank Press and SIBC news.

Aust looking to make immigration from the Pacific easier

Frank Short 04-Jun-2022

Ms.Wong said one of the issues confronting Pacific islanders keen on working in Australia is the challenge of moving with their families.

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